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Drumheller Museums

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Alberta Attractions

Royal Tyrrell Museum

For explorers of prehistory, Drumheller’s Royal Tyrrell Museum offers plenty of opportunity for young and old to discover buried treasure – priceless dinosaur fossils lying beneath Alberta's Badlands.

Day Digs put participants as young as 10 in a real dinosaur bone bed, doing exactly what palaeontologists do. They uncover dinosaur fossils, map their location and prepare them for transport to the museum.
The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a major research and exhibition centre and one of the largest palaeontology museums in the world. More than 30 complete dinosaur skeletons are on display – the largest collection under one roof anywhere!

Remains of flying reptiles and prehistoric mammals, marine invertebrates and sail-backed amphibians help create a comprehensive picture of the ancient world. An indoor garden houses more than 100 species of plants, many of which flourished in sub-tropical Alberta during the time of the dinosaurs.
The Burgess Shale exhibit provides visitors with a 3-D look at some of the most unusual creatures to swim in prehistoric waters. Computers, fibre optics and audio-visual presentations help bring the ancient world up to date. A window into the main preparation lab enables visitors to watch, as dinosaur specimens are prepared.

Royal Tyrrell Musuem is located in Drumheller, Alberta, just 90 minutes from Calgary, open year round.
Royal Tyrrell Museum
Brandy Calvert
Highway 838, Midland Prov. Park
Drumheller, xxxxxx
Phone: 1-888-440-4240
Email: Click here to send an email